Getting Started With Solar Modulator

Starting Solar Modulator

• Open Solar Modulator

• Press the start button (the topmost of the 3 buttons on the left)

• After starting the camera and adjusting the light sensitivity, Solar Modulator will start sending out MIDI events.

• Move the 0 and MAX sliders to adjust how the amount of light maps to the MIDI events.

• To re-adjust light sensitivity, press the sensitivity button (the second button).

• To change what sort of MIDI is being sent, either click the settings button or right click the dock icon to bring up a menu.

• More information about how to use Solar Modulator can be found in the user guide (Help->User Guide).

Getting started with Solar Modulator and:

Logic Pro X

Ableton Live



For other digital audio workstation (DAW) software, setting up Solar Modulator should be similar to setting it up with Logic Pro X or Ableton Live. Check your DAW's documentation on MIDI controllers for more details

If there are short audio glitches while using your DAW and Solar Modulator, it may be due to the DAW's real-time audio processing and Solar Modulator's real-time camera analysis colliding. This can be fixed by increasing the audio buffer size in the DAW (see DAW documentation for details).

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