Using Solar Modulator With Logic Pro X

• Open Logic Pro

• Open Solar Modulator

    • You should see a notification showing one additional midi input is available

• Without needing any configuration, Logic should recognize basic MIDI messages from Solar Modulator on any channel.

• To map Solar Modulator to controls in Logic, you can either map the MIDI parameter directly to a control, or map it to a smart control.

    • Mapping to a smart control is recommended because it gives you control over the minimum and maximum values and lets you invert or scale the MIDI input.

• In Solar Modulator select the MIDI parameter and channel you want to to use, select the control or smart control you want to map it to and select Logic Pro X→Control Surfaces→Learn Assignment for "[selected control]". The control will be mapped when Solar Modulator sends its next MIDI message.

    • Note: this menu item requires "Show Advanced Controls" to be enabled in Preferences→Advanced.

    • Note: it's recommended to use a otherwise unused MIDI parameter and channel for mapping and automation (like the General Purpose parameters) so you don't run into any side effects when recording automation

• See Logic's documentation for additional details on mapping and smart controls.

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