Using Solar Modulator With MainStage

• Open MainStage

• Open and start Solar Modulator

• Without needing any configuration, MainStage should recognize the MIDI events from Solar Modulator on any channel. The MIDI events will be passed to the currently active instrument.

• To map messages from Solar Modulator to a knob, fader or other control on a MainStage setup: Enter the Workspace view in MainStage, select a MIDI Parameter and channel in Solar Modulator, select a control on the instrument in MainStage (it should be highlighted), and click on Assign & Map near the upper right corner of the instrument view. The control will be mapped when Solar Modulator sends its next MIDI message.

    • Note: it's recommended to map an otherwise unused MIDI parameter and channel (like the General Purpose parameters) so you don't run into any side effects when performing.

• See MainStage's documentation for additional details on MIDI mapping.

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