Using Solar Modulator With Ableton Live

• Open Live

• Open Solar Modulator

• Open Live's preferences to the MIDI/Sync tab. Under MIDI ports, there should be a input named SolarModulatorMIDISource.

    • If you want to record MIDI from Solar Modulator to a track, enable the "Track" option. Make sure the MIDI input for the track is set to "All Ins"

    • If you want to map MIDI from Solar Modulator to parameters in Live, enable its "Remote" option. Mapping can be performed with the "MIDI" button (MIDI Map Mode Switch) in the toolbar.

• To learn more about how to record MIDI to tracks or map MIDI to controls or parameters, consult Live's documentation.

Note: With recent versions of Live (9.2.1, 9.5) running on OS X 10.10.4 or 10.10.5, occasionally MIDI from Solar Modulator sent to tracks is ignored (Live's indicator light in the upper right flashes, but the actual MIDI values are not applied or recorded to the track). MIDI mapped to Live parameters (Remote) still works. The only solution seems to be restarting the computer and trying again. It's unclear where the problem lies, but other virtual MIDI sources also have their messages ignored, so it's either a problem in Live or OS X.

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